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About us . . .

All because two people fell in love . . . The Wedding Decor House was born in 2017.

The Alternative Way To Decorate Your Wedding Venue

During the exciting time of planning my own wedding and searching for the best way to decorate my venue, the idea of DIY weddings came to light. After searching the internet for inspiration and places to buy what I was looking for, I wanted to create an online store that reflects the DIY - Decorate It Yourself aspect of wedding decoration. What makes this even more rewarding is that it allows the wonderful opportunity for you to take something home afterwards to re-use and remind you of your special day.

Decoration Ideas For Weddings That Are A Little Less Ordinary

With a background in fashion buying and a passion for the little details this online store opened its doors to provide the modern bride with decor that is a little less ordinary and reflects her individual style.

Providing Unique Wedding Decorations At The Right Price

We aim to offer affordable, on trend and unique decorations for you to fill your wedding day with that will make it a day to remember for not only you but your guests as well.

Browse our full range today to make your wedding day unique to you and stand out from the rest.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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