Colour Theme Inspiration

Colour Theme Inspiration

Need some inspiration on a colour palette for your wedding? Look no further, we have selected our favourite wedding themes and created the most beautiful colour combinations with inspiration boards to help you visualise your wedding and help bring your ideas to life. Each wedding theme also has a link for you to shop the image and find the products you see available to purchase on our website.


A Winter Wedding
Choose a rich tones with a touch of copper to create the perfect look at your winter wedding.
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A Modern Wedding
Choose cool silvery grey tones with a touch of green to create the perfect modern look.
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A Vintage Wedding
Choose bright playful colours with a muted tone incorporated into floral designs to create the perfect look at your vintage wedding.

A Rustic Wedding
Choose a pastel colours with a touch of natural earthy tones to create the perfect look at your rustic wedding.
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Colour Theme Inspiration Blog 27.09.18
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