Table Name Ideas

Add a touch of personality to your wedding by choosing the right table names to reflect you both as a couple.
Here is a list of 12 of our favourite table names that can be fun, pretty and meaningful:

  1. Name of your Favourite Books
  2. Names of your Favourite Sweets
  3. Names of your Favourite Music Artists or Bands
  4. Names of your Favourite Films
  5. Names of your Favourite Destinations or Places you would like to Visit Together
  6. Names of Flowers
  7. Names of Trees
  8. Words that Mean Something to you Both such as Hope, Joy and Laughter
  9. Having a Vintage Themed Wedding? What about Related Words like Lace, Antique or Classic.
  10. Iconic Buildings Around the World
  11. International Words for ‘Love’
  12. Have 12 Tables? What about Different Months of the Year - with the Top Table being the Month of the Wedding

 Get Inspired

Visit our inspiration page to see how to display your personalised table names.


Display on wooden easels
Set of 3 for £4.99

Display on a hanging wooden Christmas tree

Display in a wire frame
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